Unlock innovation to fuel your thriving local community

With our ever-growing curated collection of GovTech innovation, discoverable and accessible in one place, local authorities (LAs) can now know all their options, initiate conversations and procure the best solutions faster than ever before to make a real difference in their communities.

Partnering with:

Helping you access the full range of GovTech innovation

Working alongside LAs, we help identify, categorise and harness the best GovTech innovation at the earliest stage, both in the UK and globally. Local authorities that explore this innovation and start early conversations with GovTech innovators can often realise better outcomes quicker and at lower cost.

Benefits of Localgov innovation

Improved services for citizens and families

Address the limitations of legacy systems and explore specialised innovations that empower citizens and families to thrive.

Improved staff and process effectiveness

Harness innovative approaches to staff deployment, tools and processes – often built upon proven use in other sectors.

Tangible and smart cost savings

Realise cost savings through efficiencies, technology, citizen self-service, connected data and the ‘art of the possible’.

Management of technology risk

Access multiple innovators with existing concepts, techniques and solutions and run multipilots to maximise chance of success.

Access to additional innovation funding

Innovation attracts more innovation and prioritising engagement with innovators can bring LAs funding opportunities.

Recognition for local authority innovation

Innovation brings public recognition from citizens, peers and central government, and praise for key innovation leaders.

The Time to Engage is Now

Engaging with national GovTech innovator networks enables local authorities to tap into a wider pool of resources and expertise, share knowledge and best practices, and access funding opportunities that may benefit from a cross-sector collaborative approach.

By working together across a national network, local authorities can collaborate on innovative solutions to shared challenges and achieve better outcomes for their communities. Additionally, engagement with a national network can help local authorities to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies, enabling them to be more agile and responsive to changing needs and opportunities.

Our Services

ORIGIN Innovation Syndicate

You are aware of innovation happening in other local authorities but you need to know where and what it is, and what is possible.  Don’t worry, we have a solution.

Centrakin is establishing a syndicated information service in the UK, bringing together a growing range of innovators, startups and projects, and categorising their capabilities, specialisms and expertise for your knowledge.

By accessing and collaborating with the syndicate, LAs can initiate early conversations about challenge-led, legislation-led and business-led innovation to fully explore the ‘art of the possible’.

Active Challenge Network (ACN)

Delivering the right Innovation  can be difficult if people are worried about asking stupid questions or being seen as a dissenter against the new technology.

Centrakin is bringing together a group of GovTech individuals willing to challenge and question each other’s assumptions, beliefs and ideas in order to facilitate critical thinking and overcome blind spots in the localgov innovation space.

The purpose of an active challenge network is to push each other to be humble about individual expertise, question assumed knowledge, and be curious about what is not known in order to further innovative solutions. 

Consultancy and Support Services

Sometimes you wish there was an impartial partner with expert knowledge that can come alongside to help guide and support exploratory innovation.

Our team of experts brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, helping identify new localgov innovation opportunities, navigate complex challenges, and develop cutting-edge solutions that create lasting positive outcomes.

From ideation and strategy development to implementation and ongoing support, we can provide guidance to help implement and integrate GovTech innovations into your delivery.

Take another step forward

GovTech is an exciting and rapidly growing field that has the potential to transform the way governments interact with citizens and deliver public services. The power to inspire and transform governments is at your fingertips. Centrakin can help you access the widest range of innovators in the private sector to leverage the expertise, technology, and funding needed to achieve amazing outcomes for local citizens and families.

GovTech – An Overview

GovTech – An Overview

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